Top 5 Social Networks – How these are Helpful for IT Experts?

When we start talking about top social networks first of all we have to talk about Facebook which is not only the No. 1 social networking site as well as once the site placed on 1st passion in Alexa ranking after beating however, still the position of Fecebook is not bad as it took place the 2nd place according to Alexa global website ranking.

Top 5 Social Networks

There are a large number of social media websites however, now we just talk about top 5 social networking sites the names are as follows
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • My Space
  • Google +
As we discussed above Facebook is at the top social networks, it is expected that almost all internet users are using this social media website for sharing their views, photos, videos and chat with their friends. On Facebook was the only medium where people are sharing their opinions and share their photos and videos with your friends.

Twitter is one of the simplest top social networks as the person who registered on the site will be able to share his or her views via writing, share their favorite links and photos. However, now to follow someone comment or add it in favorite list as well as to reply in response to others comment options has been added to the site. On twitter you have opted to follow anyone without any permission or other people can do the same. This is site using by political people and entertainment celebrities for sharing their view about recent activities.

We can say Linkedin is a decent social media website where you can add contacts related to your profession, education and interests. You need to ask someone before adding him/her in your contact list.  
My Space is an entertaining social network as people are sharing their view about their favorite music, newly released movies, and different entertaining celebrities.

Google+ is one of the growing social networks as people who involved in web designing and development are sharing their websites and blogs for promotion of their articles and post.

Now IT exporters are also taking advantage for SEO purposes of these top social networks such as social bookmarking is one of the popular parts of SEO and it is used by SEO experts in different ways, as they are making their own pages on Facebook, linking their blog with Google+, Twitter and Linkedin to show them to their friends in all over the world.  So, social media is going popular among all types of people.

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